Networks, Learning & Funding

We are a small community of people based in Brighton and Hove, who want to help people who have ideas and passions that go against the flow, challenge the status quo and try and address the roots of social problems.

We try and help by building networks, supporting learning and helping with small amounts of funding. We support new grass roots projects that seek to bring about social change. We believe in co-operation, not competition and love to bring people together to work on the things that matter. 

We also run regular events on topics that people in the network have suggested to us. These have a focus on collaborative learning. See our events page for more info on these, and get in touch with us using the contact form if you'd like to come along.

We want to support and empower people to achieve their dreams that can make Brighton & Hove an even better city. 

Upstream Ideas is directed by a small team of volunteers and one paid part time person. We are not experts or superhuman in any way, we just see the benefit in doing stuff together rather than alone.